Looking at the future, the world knows that Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Web designs are going to be in great demand. More than 80% of the jobs will be about technology. Keeping this in mind, Techokids have stepped up and made sure that no student goes unlearned about coding. Techokids is an online learning platform that gives students (from 6-18 years) an opportunity to look at the future through the eyes of a tech-savvy person.

Started in mid-2020, Techokids is envisaged and promoted by Sonveer Singh, Nimish Gopal, Abhinav Kanagat and Priya Nayak. All four have a reputation of working with technology majors i.e., Google, IIT, IIM, Facebook and MSU respectively.

Despite the Covid pandemic, Techokids got initial success by collaborating with the Government of Gujarat, where it got an opportunity to provide its services in about 2500 schools across the state – under the New Education Policy -2020 by including tech learning as a part of the curriculum.

Speaking with TheNewsHimachal Sonveer Singh concerned for a dearth of education institutes/schools and sites which can offer skills in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Web development, who can build games, apps, websites, and more to students who are studying in school. Singh said

“Coding improves creativity, problem-solving skills, persistence, Algorithmic thinking and other skills ripe for improvement as by-products of kids learning to code. So, kids should learn to code because Coders are in high demand. Coding provides a competitive advantage,”

“Coding knowledge allows students to better understand the world and to keep the 21st Century curious and more creative, “CODING” & “STEM Education” can help young minds active and analytic, which can be an important element for any child’s habits creation,” Sonveer further added.

Techokids founder claimed its online platform an one-stop learners’ tool not only for the urban environment but for a student who is living in a rural environment also.

“Time has passed, yet we are still seeing STEM education stats like, by 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. Moreover, 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, but only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. People are still wondering if coding is hard to learn. Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in coding. These opportunities aim to be fun and gamified to keep the young mind engaged,” Abhinav Kanagat stated.

Elaborating the process of Techokids, Nimish Gopal and Priya Nayak claimed that the process allows learners to create their own personalised schedule where classes were provided live 1:1 sessions in the comfort of their home.

Well trained faculties explain Specialized Curriculum to the learners, which has been designed and developed by technical experts by keeping all aspects of learning in the mind, founder claimed and further added that the Techokids helps kids to create live working projects on their own and assist them to live their projects in the public domain.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.