Shimla: With barely a day for the poling of by-elections of Mandi Parliament and three assembly constituencies of the state, the State Congress has levelled serious allegations against BJP, Chief Minister and Election Commission of malpractice during the elections campaign.

The state Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore has accused BJP of influencing electorates and also accused CM of misusing the government machinery in the Mandi Lok Sabha constituency.

Rathore, while interacting with media here on Friday, alleged “BJP is trying its best to influence all the four by-elections. Somewhere liquor is being given, somewhere money is being given, and somewhere by intimidation to try to get votes.”

Rathore has expressed apprehension of booth capturing in the Chief Minister’s constituency.

Rathore also accused the state election commission of siding with the BJP and not acting on Congress’ complaints. He claimed that the Election Commissioner is not even meeting him and also not taking concrete action on the complaints of the Congress party regarding the Model Code of Conduct.

“The State Congress Committee has sent 61 complaints to the Commission, out of which 44 complaints were disposed of without any reason. 4 serious complaints have been sent to the Election Commission of the Government of India, while 13 complaints have been kept pending,” Rathore claimed.

Rathore questioned the functioning of the Election Commission and blamed it for working under the pressure of the government.