An online data entry and real-time monitoring system – HimSABE is designed to monitor the movement of apple boxes and trucks. 

Shimla: In order to ensure real-time monitoring of transportation of apple boxes and vehicles, the Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj on Thursday launched a digital initiative – Him SABE (Surveillance of Apple Belt Economy) at Fagu in Shimla district.

Bhardwaj termed this initiative as an effort to go paperless. He said, “There are many interstates as well as Intra-state barriers. There were chances of mistakes or discrepancies while making entries on registers.”

“The new system is error-proof, time-efficient and transparent” he added.
He said that while entering the data, the registration number of the vehicle will be scanned. “This will help in curbing the fraud cases,” he said.

Bhardwaj, during a review meeting of Apple season preparedness last month, had asked officials to use technology for making the system more efficient.

“The online system will do away with the issues of delay in collating data from different barriers like Balag, Fagu to name a few. There had been reports of discrepancies in reports across different departments including APMC, horticulture department” said Bhardwaj.

He further added that the new system will be convenient to the public and result in smooth vehicular movement.