New Delhi – In a significant move aimed at easing financial burdens on horticulturists and the industry, the 53rd GST Council, convened today in New Delhi, recommended a reduction in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all kinds of carton boxes from 18% to 12%.

This decision will bring substantial cost savings, particularly for apple growers and related industries. The reduction in GST will lower the cost of apple cartons, thereby providing much-needed relief to apple growers who have been grappling with rising expenses.

Industries Minister Harshwardhan Chauhan, representing the state, expressed gratitude towards the council for the unanimous decision. “The reduction of GST on carton boxes is a welcome move that will help the industry reduce working capital costs and support our apple growers significantly,” Chauhan stated.

The Himachal Pradesh BJP also lauded the decision. State BJP spokesperson Chetan Bragta highlighted the benefits for apple growers. “This reduction in GST is a direct result of continuous efforts and advocacy. The state BJP has been persistently raising this issue with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman,” Bragta said.

With implementing the new GST rate, stakeholders are optimistic about improved financial stability and growth opportunities in the horticulture industry.