Shimla: Following the assurance from the state government, GVK EMRI has agreed to continue their services in the state.

GVK EMRI had threaten to discontinue the ambulance services in the state after claiming of mounting losses and pending payment with the state Government.

As per information, the government has assured to settle GVK EMRI’s issues. Citing source as a company officers, leading news daily has reported that the company has decided to continue its services after the assurance from the state government.

At present 1,135 employees, including 588 drivers, 46 support staffers, 29 call centre executives, 464 emergency medical technicians and eight response officers were rendering their services in Emergency Ambulance Service of 108 and 102, and GVK EMRI had also served termination notice to them.

GVK EMRI is providing emergency ambulance services since 2010. The 108 national ambulance service was started in 2010, while 102 ambulance service, specially launched for pregnant women, initiated its operations in 2014.

With a fleet of 200 ambulances GVK EMRI was providing uninterrupted services to the people of the state and now, and during this Coronavirus pandemic, Emergency Ambulance services have rendered commendable job.

Importance of Emergency Ambulance Services have proved beneficial for the hill state of Himachal. As per data shared by GVK EMRI early this year, 108- National Ambulance Service saves one life every one and a half hour and responds to 381 emergencies per day on an average.

Its 102 service is also proved lifesaving and beneficial for the pregnant women as one baby is born with the assistance of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) based in the ambulance every seventh hour. As many as 2,60,596 pregnancy related emergencies were reported at 108 Emergency Response Centre and 10,949 successful deliveries conducted with the assistance of EMTs in the ambulance as well as at scene in nine years.