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Metarhizium and Beauveria – 200 gm per 30 liter of water effective for controling Locust Attack. Bio Control Laboratory Kangra and Mandi to develop these bio insecticides

Shimla: The agriculture department of the state has issued high alert of Expected Locust Attack in five districts. Director Agriculture Dr. R.K. Koundal informed here today that a massive swarm of Desert Locust have been reported destroying crops in adjoining states and may spread to Himachal Pradesh.

Alert has been issued in Kangra, Una, Bilaspur and Solan districts of the State.

Dr. R.K. Koundal said that field functionaries have been alerted to keep continuous and constant vigilance on locust activity and get ready to control any locust emergency situation. Farmers have been asked to report any activity of locusts to nearby Agriculture Officers.

Desert Locusts usually fly with the wind at a speed of about 16-19 km per hour depending on the wind. And when swarm settles down in a particular area it should be quickly treated chemically, mechanically beaten and buried by digging trenches, Dr. Koundal stated.

Dr. R.K. Koundal further stated that at present, the primary method of controlling Desert Locust swarms and hopper bands is mainly with organophosphate chemical applied in small concentrated doses (referred to as ultra-low volume (ULV) formulation) by vehicle-mounted and aerial sprayers and to a lesser extent by knapsack and hand operated sprayers. He said that small patches of locust should be immediately sprayed by ULV.

Agriculture department has asked the field officers to create awareness among the farmers regarding locust attack. Directions have also been given to check its gregarious and solitary forms immediately by spraying contact insecticides. Bio insecticides like Metarhizium and Beauveria at 200 gm per 30 liter of water or canal is also effective for control in long run.

Bio Control Laboratory, Kangra and Mandi have been directed to prepare these bio insecticides at their full capacities.

He said that presently no locust activity has been reported from any part of the State and necessary steps for locust control have already been taken.  Field Officers have directed to keep continuous watch and report any activity of the locust in the fields to the Agriculture Directorate for rebuffing the locust attack effectively.

15 august 2021