Shimla Smart City Mission Proposes Smart Bus Stops, Cycle tracks, Escalators, Parking and more

Shimla: Rapid urbanization in and around the Shimla town has forced Queen of Hills into multiple problems. Traffic congestion is a regular feature of the city and water crises, rising pollution are the other problems from which residents of the city are facing on a daily basis.

Due to rapid and mindless urbanization, the Shimla city is also losing its scenic beauty, for which it’s known for. To decongest the city and making it more resident friendly, the administration has put forth some plans and recently Shimla Smart City Mission, in its meeting, has cleared projects of Rs. 350 crores.   

The biggest problem, Shimla city is facing is parking of vehicles. The Shimla Smart City Mission has proposed to construct multi-storey parking at IGMC (1000 vehicles), Vikas Nagar (200 Vehicles), Tutu (150 vehicles) and Old Bus Stand (450 vehicles capacity). Besides it, Stack Parking at SDA Complex Kasumpati is also proposed.   

It’s also proposed to develop five major traffic junctions Sanjauli Chowk, Dhalli Chowk, Old Barrier-Tuttikand, Chhota Shimla near Ashiana restaurant and Boileauganj Chowk into roundabouts. However, there is no real plan for the widening of roads, but some portion of the Circular Road would be widened wherever possible.

To ease the traffic near IGMC and facilitate patients, a new road has been proposed to construct from Manchanda Clinic to the Circular Road, which will connect near new parking complex.

The five escalators are also proposed to be installed at Circular Road to Metropol, Jakhu Parking to Jakhu Temple top, Lower Bazzar to The Mall, Auckland tunnel to Police Chowki, Lakkar Bazaar bus stand to the Ridge. One elevator, too, is proposed to be installed from Lakkar Bazzar to Bantony Castle.

Besides easing traffic and decongesting circular road, the Shimla Smart City Mission is also working to preserve its historic infrastructure. Mission has proposed a plan to retrofit dilapidated buildings across the city and façade improvement of Mall Road shops.

Smart Bus Stops, Cycle tracks in Shimla  

The Shimla Smart City Mission has also planned to beautify and make bus stoppages more convenient for the general public. Mission has proposed to develop Smart Bus Stops. These bus stops will have a toilet and sitting felicities. A projector would also be fitted, which will give real-time updates of buses and their timing. Free Wi-Fi facility is also on the card. The exact numbers of Smart Bus Stops aren’t final yet and the Transport Management Authority would decide its locations and numbers.  

To facilitate young cyclists’ enthusiasts, Mission has proposed to develop two Cycle Tracks – Sanjauli to IGMC and Chaura Maidan to CTO. These two cycle tracks will be developed on a pilot basis.

Third Eye Surveillance

For seamless Traffic Management, Security, Surveillance and Smart Parking facilities, Mission has proposed to develop a Central Command and Control Centre. It’s being developed by the DIT.

Duct and relocation of Register Vendors

Board of Directors of Shimla Smart City Mission Limited has also granted approval to construct 1.5 km long duct pipe. It’ll be on pilot basis and will be built from CTO to ECI Chalet Day School. All wires, water pipelines will pass through it and help Mall Road to look clean as no wire will be seen hanging on poles and trees.   

Shimla Smart City Mission is also working to control vendor problem of the city as it proposed to relocate registered Vendor and provide them pre furbished kiosks. It’ll also generate some funds for the MC as well.  

Mission has also proposed to acquire a Snow Cutter cum Sweeping Machine. It’s expected to cost around 1 Crore and to be pressed into service by end of January 2020.

The Shimla Smart City Mission in association with the 13-line department will execute all these proposed projects and right now working on its feasibility report and expected to complete all formalities including the tender process by March 2020. As Smart City project is time-bound project and the Shimla Smart City Mission has only 3 years left to realise these projects. Awarded in 2017, the Mission has already lost 2 years in getting departmental approvals and now it seems that some of its initiatives will materialise in a stipulated time frame and citizen will get better services.