Mandi: Another step to harness solar energy, the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister has launched Solar Rooftop Programme to cover all Panchayati Raj /Rural Development Government Building in Mandi.

The Chief Minister said that ‘One Sun One Grid’ was the dream initiative of the Prime Minister and the State Government would ensure that all the Government buildings would have solar roof top panels.

The Solar Rofftop Scheme would ensure clean energy to the users of the State. The State government is targeting to produce 2 MW from Government building and 8 MW from domestic consumers/ society, adding that 1 MW has been produced in Mandi district alone till date.

Besides, Solar Rooftop Scheme, the state government also aiming to make big revolution in electric powered vehicles. The state government has set a target to achieve 100 percent transition to Electric Vehicles by 2030 and to make its target reality the government has approved to draft Electric Vehicle Policy 2019. The vision of the Himachal Pradesh Electric Vehicle Policy- 2019 is to establish Himachal Pradesh as a model state for Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption.

The state of Himachal is one of leading hydro power producing state and has over 23000 MW hydro power potential in the state. Many big and small hydro power projects have come up in state in past five decades and now the state government is also endeavouring to harness solar energy as well. The state secretariat Shimla has already installed solar panels and now the government targeting to install solar panels on most of government buildings in the state.