The five-member 14th Finance Commission, headed by YV Reddy, arrived in Shimla on a three-day visit to the state. On the first day of its visit, the team visited Shimla and adjoining areas to review development works and interact with local panchayats.

The team members, accompanied by state government officials, visited Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) at Baldian village near Naldehra.

The main objective of the visit of the team was to get a fair idea about the traffic congestion resulting from the vehicular movement on the Circular Road. To decongest the Shimla city, the state government has demanded funds from the 14th Finance Commission for undertaking the construction of a tunnel and shifting of a dental and nursing college to the outskirts of the town.

The Commission will also hold a meeting with the Chief Minister and the Cabinet and with representatives of various political parties, industry, local bodies and municipalities and will then visit flood ravaged Kinnaur district.