Chief Secretary S. Roy has denied reports appeared in section of Press regarding the infamous Phone Tapping issue, said that the State CID and the Vigilance Department had tapped certain phone numbers unauthorizedly during the regime of previous BJP government which were against the rules and illegal according to inquiry report submitted to the Government. He said that certain numbers were tapped without permission of the Government.

He further said that there was no such provision to destroy the records of phone tapping done illegally and unauthorisedly till inquiry was complete irrespective of the period. However, he clarified that in cases where permission is sought for phone tapping by the State CID and Vigilance, as per rules, there was a provision to destroy the same not before six months i.e. 180 days and not 90 as being published in some newspapers.

He said that as the phone tapping is a sensitive issue violating right to privacy of an individual and State Government would lodge FIR after thorough investigation and taking into consideration all legal aspects.