Social Activist Arvind Kejriwal ridiculed Shanta Kumar for asking them to include Priyanka Vadra’s property in their fight on DLF-Robert Vadra issue, saying the party-led Himachal Pradesh Govt has the details and it should make the details public.

Shanta Kumar has wrote the letter on Sunday and applauded Kejriwal for the fight against corruption and said, “Priyanka Vadra’s family has a property in Shimla. I don’t have full information about this but it has a value of crores of rupees. You should add this to your list. The whole country is with you in your fight.”

In its reaction, the Kejriwal-led India Against Corruption (IAC) said that BJP is in power in Himachal and it can easily find out the truth about Priyanka’s property in the state. In its statement, IAC said “We don’t understand this. He can find this out very fast as his party is in power. We appeal to Shanta Kumar and Chief Minister P K Dhumal that they tell the public whether Priyanka has any property in Shimla”.

On Shanta Kumar’s remarks that a handful of people are looting wealth, IAC quipped that BJP is also involved in this loot as any other party is. They added that the same story is coming out in other states also where BJP is in power.