(Manoj Sharma) Investigation for the rare and prestigious rice puller metal bell got a push ahead on Monday, when police raided two residents in Totu and Kamyana, Shimla. During the investigation, some important findings have come up that might help police to catch thieves. This precious bell was gifted by the King of Nepal, Ratan Bahadur Singh to the then viceroy of India. Since then, this bell was installed at the viceroy regal lodge, Shimla.

This bell was stolen on 21 April, 2010 from the Indian Institute of Advanced Study by some unknown gang and it has been two years since then the police are unable to identify the thieves. On Monday, police got some secret information about the whereabouts of people associated with the stealing and they raided two residents.

The raid was approached by the SP Shimla, Chnader shekhar Pandit and police is expected to get some real hard evidence. The police have arrested a man and have recovered some important documents, mobile phones and vehicles from these two apartments. Meanwhile, another police team from Haryana that is also investigating the case had also come to Shimla to further probe the case.

Though, any of the policemen is refraining from talking openly about the topic. A police officers who did not want to be named said, “We are expecting some good results as there are a lot things that have come up but it will be too early to reach to the conclusion.”

For all those, who don’t know about rice pulling metal – In simple terms, any item which attracts (or pulls) ‘rice’ – like a magnet attracts iron particles- is called a Rice Puller.

These are rare and very difficult to find. This metal is highly costly that constitutes eight precious metals – gold, tungsten, aluminum, ikidium, iridium, silver, bronze and copper-. Right now, there are numerous gangs operating in India, who steal and export these metals in international markets and make hefty sum.