The Himachal Pradesh CPM unit has strongly condemned and takes strong exception of the decision of the cabinet meeting where it has allowed the expansion of the cement plant of JP. Senior party leader Tikender Singh Panwar alleged that the BJP is hell-bent in obliging the JP group of industries putting all norms on the burner. The BJP is doing its mission repeat as it did during the previous regime when just before the declaration of the results it signed the Power Purchase agreement (PPA) with the JP for the Baspa hydro power project putting all norms to rest. The BJP was however ousted from the state. The BJP is doing a similar exercise by slyly allowing the JP to expand its cement plant in Solan district.

The CPM has also asked the Election Commission of India to step in at the earliest as the government is allowing its resources to be usurped by the big industrial houses and primarily by its crony the JP group of industries. The party does not follow the wisdom of the state BJP government, that when the JP failed to start its operation in the Chamba plant that was allotted to it for cement manufacturing in August 2010, why it was given expansion in Bagga in Solan district. The party has further indicted to government of playing with the environment and ecology of the region as the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) that was done earlier was for a particular quantum and volume of limestone to be quarried. By providing expansion there would be increase in quarrying and manufacturing resulting in greater loss to the environment and ecology. The party has asked to government to at least draw some inference from the Hon’ble High Court judgement where the JP has been fined for Rs 100 crores though the government had cleared everything, but the BJP is not prepared to relent. Such has been the shameless attitude of this government, the party has remarked. There the government is quiet in this regard and hastily wants to benefit the JP group at the cost of the people and the state. The CPM has asked the Green Bench of the HP High Court to take suo moto notice of the fact and ensure that loss to the environment is not allowed.

The CPM has stated, the BJP has attained to glory of being termed as the Benefactor of Jay Pee (BJP) and has metamorphosised from its earlier Bahartiya Jay Prakash party. The facts have proven that the BJP can in no way serve in the interests of the people and is inept in preserving the resources of the state. The recent spate of allegations levelled by its sitting MLA from Rohru have not only vindicated the CPM position , it has corroborated the facts that the incumbent BJP government is drenched in corruption with an intention to dole out resources to the big capital and require immediate ouster from serving the people of the state.