In protest to the allegations leveled by the Himachal Lokhit party spokesperson MN Sofat, A Spokesman of the Health and Family Welfare Department claimed that the claimed irregularities in the purchase of 108 ambulances was not based on facts and seems an attempt to mislead the people.

He said that Ambulance vehicle which was Force Traveller –Turbo Charged- Stage-3 vehicle was actually purchased for Rs. 7,13,367 which was a bare vehicle and in order to use this vehicle as Ambulance it needed to be equipped with as many as 15 medical equipments as per guidelines for ensuring proper pre-hospital care to the patients in the first Golden Hour. He said that every 108 Ambulance had been equipped with life supporting equipments as per requirement.

The Spokesman further said that the 108- Atal Swasthya Service in Himachal Pradesh had attended as many as 219469 emergency calls including 1,84, 490 medical emergencies, 32775 pregnancy related cases, 10101 trauma cases, 1926 fire emergencies, 8037 police emergencies and had saved 1474 precious lives by responding quickly. He further said that out of total service provided till today, 88 percent was in rural areas and 12 percent in urban area. He said that during every 480th minute one life was being saved by 108 Atal Swasthya Ambulance service whereas 926 deliveries had been assisted by EMTs in Ambulance and 300 at scene.

He said that 108 Atal Swasthya Service was providing an yeoman service to the people of the State and allegations were far from the facts. However, Sofat is firm on his allegations and said that he has enough proofs to prove his allegations.