Tomorrow is 23 June, and it’s the day congress party workers and senior leaders have chosen to felicitate the veteran congress leader and Union Minister Virbhadra Singh on his completion of 50 fruitful years in active politics, in May this year. 23 June is also the birthday of Virbhadra Singh and supporters are working hard to make it a memorable day for him.

The event that is scheduled to take place at the Ice Skating Rink Shimla, is considered a turning point in State politics, which is presently in a turmoil. The State is to go into Assembly poles later this year and this gathering to commemorate Singh, could play a vital role to bring Congress back in hunt for power. The party workers have put in day and night to make this mega event a success and the images from the Ice Skating Rink will give you a glimpse of what we will be up for tomorrow.

His supporters, including his son Vikramaditya Singh are working hard to prepare Ice Skating Rink Shimla for the event. Many big and small billboards are coming up in Shimla and others city of Himachal Pradesh and it is speculating that more than 50,000 people will witness this event in Shimla. As Ice Skating Rink can’t accommodate more than 8,000 people so that three LCD TVs will be installed at The Mall Shimla. LED TV at Takka bench is also hired for the live telecast of the event as well.