Industries Minister Kishan Kapoor said that State Government was making concerted efforts to popularise products of Himachal Pradesh Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation in different parts of the country by setting up its marketing centres.

Kapoor is on visit to Karnataka to explore the possibilities as to make popular the traditional products of Himachal Pradesh in different parts of the country.

Industries Minister, who is also the Chairman of Himachal Pradesh Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation disclosed this while speaking during the meeting with Small Scale and Commerce Minister of Karnataka Narsimbha Naik at Bangalore today. He said that decision had been taken to shift the presently situated marketing centres of the Corporation from Bangalore to Kaveri and soon MoU would be signed in this respect.

He said that in order to increase sale of Himachali Handloom and Handicrafts products, these would be exhibited in Karnataka Emporium. He said that the business of the Corporation had increased manifold during last few years and had done profitable business of Rs. 19.60 crore. He also invited Industries Minister of Karnataka to Himachal Pradesh. Kapoor also met Chairperson, Karnataka Handloom Corporation Lalita Rani and discussed as how to make the Himachali products popular in Karnataka.