For Shimla Municipal Corporation, 10 aspirants’ has filled nomination for the post of Mayor – Madhu Sood (Congress), Dr SS Minhas (BJP), Sanjay Chauhan (CPM), Tarsem Bharti, Manoj Kumar, Ashok Kumar Sood, Hem Raj Gautam, Ram Krishan Dipta, Atul Vohra and Suman Kadam, whereas five candidates in the fray for the post of Deputy Mayor – Devender Chauhan (Congress), Digvijay Chauhan (BJP), Tikender Singh Panwar (CPM), Kanika Kanwar and Narveen Sood. For the councillor of 25 wards, 116 candidates filled nomination.
The Congress has control over the Shimla MC for about 24 years and it is first time when people of Shimla will directly choose their Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The direct elections for the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor have given a chance to both the BJP as well as the CPM to get the top posts even without getting a majority of councillors in the house.