Himachal has grown leaps and bounds in these past few years, we are the most rapidly progressing state in the country, but still eminent facilities in our villages is a distant dream. Had there been a fire station in the area, loss of lakhs of rupees could have been averted in the Kalavan, Ghog, Adshala, Jerna and Badlaog villages of Theog. It was 8 AM in the morning when locals in the Kalavan Village of Theog tehsil were burning bushes in their fields, and steadily the rising flames of fire engulfed the entire area and spread to the nearby villages including Ghog, Adshala, Jerna and Staal.

As we report, the fire is steadily spreading towards Kishor, Jathhedi and Badlaog villages. The aggressive fire has engulfed numerous apple orchards and 100s of heaps of grass (Ghaas ki Tolis). Around thousand apple trees have burnt already; still there seem to be no hints of the fire brigade or any government official to take heed of the issue. Locals tried to extinguish the fire but due to the strong wind, lack of appropriate water sources and dry fields it continuously became uncontrollable. Fires like these are a regular site in the areas of Balson, and other villages in Himachal, but it is a State apathy that improper water facilities lack of fire station and adequate fire extinguishers still remains a far sight.

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