Electricity is everyman’s need, but what should people do when the main electricity transformer in their area burns down and the concerned authorities take no heed of the situation for days together. This is the situation in 7 villages in Ghodna Panchayat, that has been reeling under darkness for the last 8 days because the transformer in Alidhar, which powered Ghog, Kadharan, Gondhar, Tilu, Adshala and Jerna villages burnt down. Reason for the mishap is unknown yet, but incompetence of the local authorities is exposed as the entire area remains dark and cold.

Earlier we have exposed that Deha a nearby station, where JE and other electricity staff is stationed are reeling under shortage of staffs and its surrounding area is facing crises. On one side Himachal government claimed to be a numero uno in producing electricity and other side its villages are not getting proper electricity supply and forced to wait for the week or so to fix the even small glitches.

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