A two-day course for training the guides on the history of Shimla town is started here today. The rich culture heritage of the town has the irresistible charm, stories, anecdotes associated with the buildings of the city which was the seat of British power and more than 20% of the world population was ruled from this place. Numerous folk lores associated with the city have been passed on by mouths from generation to generation.

All these historical facts, popular tales and the architectural marvel of the queen of hill is being taught to the guide for further dissemination to the tourists. These 25 young guides are expected to earn their livelihood after this course. The name & address of these guides are available at the various offices of the Tourism Department. The heritage walk including explanatory and exploratory part is being done by Raja Bhasin and conducted by the HIMCON.

On the occasion after flagging off the first batch of these perspective guides, Dr. Arun Kumar, Director of the Department disclosed that apart from these young guides, elderly people of the city have expressed their willingness to propagate the heritage of the city so vividly brought out by the Department through ‘Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai’. Dr. Kumar further said that citizen of city had come to see the heritage of their own town in large numbers to the US Club Heritage Museum.