MP & BJYM National President Anurag Thakur strongly condemned the Mumbai serial blasts that have killed 17 people and injured more than 100 people. Thakur sympathized with the families of the victims of these attacks. He said that he shared the dismay of the common people of Mumbai at the inability of the Central and State government to prevent repeated attacks on the city.

Thakur has slammed Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi for making reckless comments on Mumbai blasts. Calling him a politicians with least connect with people and their concerns, Thakur expressed shock over the remarks of the Congress leader. Gandhi had said today that “It is very difficult to stop every single terrorist attacks.”

“You have no right to be in the Government if you think like a coward,” Thakur averred adding that it was the soft appeasement policies of the UPA government which has put the country at the mercy of terrorists. “We condemn this act of Rahul Gandhi and suggest him to thinks twice before issuing such statements,” Shri Thakur said.

“We are in a state of shock over what he has said. The wounds of last evening blasts are still hurting us all and Mr Gandhi, oblivious of the many ground realities of the country today, is engaging into verbal diarrhea,” Thakur said referring to Gandhi’s comments in Bhubaneswar. Commenting upon the so called “youth icon” of Congress, Thakur said, “This type of behavior is completely unwarranted. If the so called icon makes such irresponsible comments, what effect will it have on the youth of our country?”

He said that the people of India have got mixed signal from the Congress party on the issue of terrorism. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has in the past bestowed saint-like respect to international terrorist Osama Bin Laden describing him as “Osamaji” and even gone to visit the families of convicted terrorists from the Batla House encounter.

Thakur said that this Government has been ineffectual in taking steps even against captured terrorists. The government has failed to ensure that speedy justice is carried out in both the case of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, who has not been hanged in 7 years of his conviction and the case of 26/11 Mumbai attacks accused Ajmal Kasab, whose case still drags on in Court without end in sight. This clearly shows that the present government has bowed its head in the fight against terrorism.

Thakur said that, “today, the country is facing an unprecedented threat from external terrorism as well as internal Naxal terrorism. The government has no policy in place to deal with either. It is time for the nation to stand together and project a strong stance against the perpetrators of any and all terrorist attacks on India.”

Congress Govt. who has came into power by asking the vote in the name of common man, does not care for the lives or understand the value of common man. In last 7 years the Congress Govt. only given corruption, scams, terrorism & cabinet of corrupt ministers to the common man.