The Education Department has failed to provide lecturers in eight arts subjects at the government degree college at Lamba Thatch in Seraj and running college classes in temporary sheds and panchayat ghar for the past four years. College has over 250 students last year and without lecturers we can assess their future. College principal YS Mahant accepted that college is facing problems and failed to introduce new subjects as lack of accommodation and faculty leaving them without option.

Frustrated with the Department’s apathy, Students protested and locked the classrooms and boycotted classes. Demonstrating student told that institution is running without lecturers in History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Math’s, Music and Sanskrit. The new session had started from June 11 and now students could not opt for these subjects. Degree College was started in 2007 in the three sheds of the primary school and a panchayat ghar, and till now government hasn’t provided permanent building to the college.