Ex BJP spokesperson Rajinder Rana has attacked MP Kangra Rajan Sushant for his recent criticism against Chief Minister. He came hard on latest notorious narco test remark; Rana said that the leader had won election on the achievements of State BJP government and not on the name on Narko test. He advises him to go for brain mapping test and if any shortcoming comes up than the leader must take proper medicines. As per the Rana, whenever the public have brought BJP government in rule in the state the leader have created noisiness by becoming leader of peoples those had raised hands against the government or under the title of Nyay Manch. Rana alleges that the leader just wants to be in the news by making such baseless activities and statements. Narko test is done of the criminals and is not for the person under whose leadership state have gained so many awards for best performance. Rana alleges that Sushant is only agitated for not getting ticket for his wife.

Ripu Daman Kapil