Governor Urmila Singh releases the book containing the Provisional Population Totals of Himachal Pradesh published by Directorate of Census Operation, Himachal Pradesh at Raj Bhawan today. The house listing and housing Census 2011 is the 15th Census of India, since 1872 which was held in two phases in Himachal Pradesh i.e. from 7th April to 22nd May, 2010 for general areas and from 1st June to 15th July, 2010 for snow bound areas. The second phase of census was held from 9th to 28th February, 2011 for Population Enumeration in general areas and from 11th to 30th September, 2010 in snow bound areas of the State.

According to census 2011, the provisional total population of Himachal Pradesh is 68,56,509 in which 34,73,892 were male and 33,82,617 were female. The Literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh reached 83.78 percent, wherein male literacy percentage was 90.83 percent and female literacy percentage was recorded as 76.60 percent.

The sex ratio was recorded as 974 females per 1000 males in Himachal Pradesh. The male female ratio in the tribal Lahaul & Spiti district was showing positive trends where the ratio was recorded as 1013 female per 1000 males, which was highest in the country. Director, Census, H.P Balbir Tegta detailed out the data’s of census 2011 on the occasion.