(Ripu Daman Kapil) Government must manage for proper job to the technical degree holder or have to pay unemployment allowance to all technical degree holders of the state. If not so than our government must run a few colleges in the state so that youth may not waste their time and energy to attain unfruitful degrees and money of poor parents may not be wasted. High professional degree may be allowed to extra talented persons only whereas for other small professional courses to be launched. After small professional courses our youth will work at his end with own hands and we can be able to compete Chinese market.

Basically our previous education policy was defective but now adopted the dual policy of education will also ruin the youth of our country. On one hand government have made secondary education compulsory and started only grading system in the country on other hand privatization and commercialization of higher education is going to be done. Like western country if in secondary system only grading patron is to be adopted than higher education must be given to only extraordinary talented persons on the bases entrance examinations like those countries. No private institute is to be allowed to impart education on the bases of denotation and other means. Now the numbers of private institutions have increased abundant and this year every interested chap took admission but even than many seats remain vacant in those institutions. If governments have to make education such easy going than government must feel it its moral responsibility to provide right job in government or private sector to all persons those have gained any technical degree or must provide unemployment allowance to them. In the state sufficient number of universities are working in government sector but even than government is allowing private sector to open engineering, management and B.Ed. colleges and about 13 universities are going to be launched in the state. Resulting to this, the products of these institutions are not getting jobs as per their qualification. In this way not only time of youth is wasted in order to gain the degree, but financial lose is occurring to the parents. Parents are bearing the expenses of education of their kids with a hope that in future our kid will get good job, but only the list of unemployed are increasing day by day. Not only this after gaining these degrees our youth is running for the search of right job only and getting frustrated. These degree holders want to have only white collar job and their potential is not getting proper used. In last tenure BJP government opened numerous B.Ed colleges is private sector seeking an argument that our children are doing B.Ed. in other states, but the government is still unable to provide job to those trained graduate teachers even ten years later or more. From this bitter experience government must have taken a lesson and might have stopped the privatization of education but not that way. In this tenure now numerous technical institutions and universities are going to be launched in the state to spoil the energy and time of youth along with finance of their parents.