Deadlock between oustees and the NTPC, which is executing the 800-MW Kol Dam project, has entered eighth consecutive day. Oustees continued to paralyse work at the site and stuck to their demands of a permanent job for a member of each family or Rs 25 lakh as compensation, 30 per cent jobs in the upcoming hydro-engineering college, free electricity and treatment at the NTPC dispensary on all working days. However the NPTC turned down their demands and termed them as unjustified.

Oustees from Harnoda, Jamthal, Kasol and Kian villages refused to accept the agreement till the Kol Dam General Manager announced the company commitments in public.

Oustees alleged that they were used as cover to browbeat the management and private contractors every time there was a change in government or a new MLA was elected, but their plight remained unchanged.

After the section 144 at the project site, protestors shifted their dharna to a private area outside the project road. NPTC workers deserted the site and work could not be resumed today despite police patrol.

To work out at the middle path, Bilaspur Deputy Commissioner Ajay Sharma, presided over the meeting with the NTPC General Manager AG Nanda, Bilaspur MLA Bambar Thakur and representatives of oustees at Barmana on February 15. After the meeting NTPC had agreed to provide 18 non-executive jobs and 95 other jobs in private companies to oustees by March. Company also agreed to give free treatment at the NPTC dispensary three days a week, a bus service and a school playground at Jamthal.