Shimla: In a decisive move aimed at resolving pending recruitment issues, the Cabinet sub-committee formed to scrutinize various unresolved recruitment cases of the erstwhile HP Staff Selection Commission, Hamirpur, has recommended declaring the results for Post Codes 903 and 939. The recommendation was made during the committee’s third meeting, held under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri.

The sub-committee’s recommendation to declare the results of Post Codes 903 JOA (IT) and 939 JOA (IT) follows the precedent set by Post Code 817. However, due to ongoing investigations and lodged FIRs, the committee decided to keep certain positions vacant. Specifically, 5 out of 82 positions under Post Code 903 JOA (IT) and 11 out of 295 positions under Post Code 939 JOA (IT) will not be filled at this time.

Deputy Chief Minister Agnihotri emphasized the importance of these recommendations in moving forward with the recruitment process while maintaining transparency and accountability. He stated that the sub-committee would forward the cases of both Post Codes to the Cabinet for a final decision.

“The resolution of these pending cases is crucial for the administration and the aspirants who have been awaiting the results. The sub-committee’s thorough examination ensures that the recruitment process is fair and just, aligning with the government’s commitment to integrity and efficiency,” Agnihotri added.

The move is expected to relieve many candidates in limbo due to the delays caused by investigations and inquiries. The Cabinet’s final decision on this matter will be awaited with keen interest by all stakeholders.