The month of April 2023 has recorded an impressive 19% increase in GST collection, with the Department of State Taxes and Excise collecting a total of Rs. 593 crore. This is a significant jump from the Rs. 500 crore collected during the same period last year. Commissioner of State Taxes and Excise, Yunus, shared this information and credited the increase to the department’s focus on return monitoring, speedy scrutiny of returns, and timely completion of GST audits.

The department has also been actively targeting fraudulent taxpayers, and during the month of April, the officers verified 94,000 e-way bills during road checkings, collecting a penalty of Rs. 42 lakh from violators. Additionally, the department detected non-existing registrations and took strong action against fraudulent taxpayers.

Looking ahead, the department aims to further enhance its data analysis capabilities with the implementation of a comprehensive “GST Revenue Enhancement Project”. The department has set a target of verifying 13 lakh e-way bills during the current financial year and will continue its efforts to improve GST collection in the coming months.

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