An anonymous letter has sent shockwaves through Himachal Pradesh as serious allegations of corruption against two top-ranking officers have been exposed. The letter, which has gone viral on social media and was addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has captivated public attention while raising concerns about the integrity of those in power.

The author of the letter has deliberately chosen to remain anonymous, heightening intrigue surrounding the allegations. However, subtle hints within the correspondence suggest that the complainer is a government employee from the Hamirpur district. According to the letter, the author worked in the Chief Minister’s office and faced immense challenges when attempting to approach higher authorities regarding the matter. Disturbingly, the writer claims to have experienced harassment and exploitation as a direct consequence of their pursuit of justice.

The letter further reveals a shocking revelation—that one of the accused IAS officers allegedly received a staggering sum of Rs. 25 crores as a kickback from a power company. Additionally, it is alleged that this officer utilized illicit funds to acquire a luxurious house in Panchkula, raising serious questions about the source of their wealth.

Amidst these damning claims, the anonymous complainer concludes the letter by expressing their unwavering willingness to openly cooperate with any investigation. They implore authorities to take swift and stringent action in response to the allegations, ensuring that justice is served.

The unfolding scandal has left the public eagerly awaiting an official response, as the weighty accusations against the two officers threaten to shake the foundations of Himachal Pradesh’s administrative integrity.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.