Nestled in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, lies the ancient village of Malana. The village is known for its unique culture, customs, and social hierarchy, which sets it apart from the rest of the Kullu Valley. However, what makes Malana truly fascinating is the legend that surrounds it.

According to local folklore, Malana was founded by remnants of Alexander’s army who became isolated in the valley and established their own community. The Malanis claimed to be descendants of these lost soldiers, and they believe that they are of Aryan descent and therefore superior to other people in the region.

The Malana has its own set of laws and governance, and outsiders are strictly forbidden from touching anything within the village boundaries. In fact, any outsider who enters the village must pay a fee and follow strict rules, or risk being banished from the village.

The Malanis are proud of their unique heritage and believe that their culture has been preserved because of their strict adherence to these laws and customs. The village has its own language, which is believed to be a derivative of Sanskrit, and its own form of governance, which is led by the village council.

Today, Malana is a popular tourist destination for those interested in exploring its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. The village is surrounded by the majestic peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba, and there are many trekking trails in the area that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

However, it is important to note that visitors to Malana must be respectful of the village’s laws and customs. They must pay a fee to enter the village and must not touch anything within the village boundaries. Visitors are also advised to be cautious when interacting with the locals, as any violation of the village’s customs can result in banishment.

The legend of Malana is a fascinating myth that has helped to preserve the unique culture and traditions of the village over the centuries. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of the Malanis, who have managed to maintain their distinct identity despite the passage of time. For those interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh, a visit to Malana should definitely be on the itinerary.

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