Shimla: Inching close to fulfilling its poll promise, the newly elected Congress-led state government has started preparing to provide 300 units of free electricity to domestic consumers. Presently, the state electricity department is giving 125 units free in the state.

As per information, Special Chief Secretary and Principal Advisor to the Chief Minister Ram Subhag Singh has sought complete information on the burden to fulfil the poll promise from the Electricity Board. Singh sought information from the board of total consumers likely to benefit from it and the cost involved to implement it.

There are approximately 22.58 lakh electricity consumers of the domestic category in the state and of which 14 lakhs are being benefited from 125 units waiver. The Electricity Board is also not charging meter rent and other service charges from such consumers.

Presently Electricity board is losing revenue of Rs 275 crores and with 300 units of free electricity per month, the revenue loss of the board is going to increase further.