Kaza: For the first time, Kaza was witness to successful cesarean delivery through Telemedicine.

The mother and the child were kept under the supervision of the doctors of Apollo Telemedicine Centre at the Community Health Centre (CHC) Kaza, after which they were discharged.

Earlier only normal deliveries were undertaken at the CHC.

Tanzin Lamo (27) from Kayamo on 11 August underwent labour pains and was brought to the CHC, Kaza by her family. She had suffered excessive bleeding on way to the hospital. 

Mission Hospital Manali at that time was holding a medical camp at Kaza. The doctors of CHC Kaza, Mission Hospital Manali, along with Apollo Telemedicine Kaza jointly came to her rescue and conducted cesarean delivery.

According to Apollo Telemedicine Centre, Dr Alfa Khakhar, the patient was thoroughly examined through Telemedicine and she was effectively treated for postpartum haemorrhage that was diagnosed during the examination.  

Cesarean delivery had to be conducted keeping in view of the condition of the patient. The baby delivered was low weight and was born prematurely, his skin had turned blue and was experiencing health issues. Medical assistance was sought from Apollo Hospitals ‘senior’ Paediatrician, Dr. Latha Viswanathan.

The health of the mother and the baby was monitored round the clock, closely for six days. Now both the baby and the mother are healthy.

Apollo Telemedicine center is providing better facilities to the people of tribal areas which is proving to be a boon to the people who get limited health facilities due to its inaccessibility owing to the tough terrain.

The conditions worsen during harsh winters when there is heavy snowfall in the winters.

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