An increasing number of examinations are embracing online mode. If you have got an exam coming, it means long nights of studying and stress await you because the online tests have a few differences from their pen to paper relatives. To score a fruitful result, take the assistance of the online test coaching which is accessible at a platform like Testbook, to prepare well in advance. Get hands-on experiences at mock tests by using Testbook Coupon Codes and get a flat 20% off on 100+ courses.

An online examination is a convenient form of taking examinations, but two major problems faced by aspirants are the failure to execute a proper study plan and the inability to manage their time wisely and then keep brooding over it. So, here we have gathered for you the best strategies that you should try to follow for your best chance of success.

Tips to prepare for an Online Exam like a Pro

Create a schedule and avoid referring to Multiple Resources for Study Material

Start with the section that is your strength as it will set a good momentum for your preparation and will not take much of your time, and then move on to the relatively weaker section which will require more time. Delve deeper into the concepts and practising previous years question papers to ace the exam by taking guidance from E-learning platforms like Vedantu, Coursera, and BYJU’S offering resources, and guidance for competitive examinations.

If you are preparing for a single exam, it is recommended not to waste your energy consulting multiple books that will make you all the more confused between the different methods of application, thus elevating your anxiety levels. So practice from one book or one online platform rather than multiple platforms. Testbook offers plenty of options with complete guidance and mentoring by experts for your exam preparation.

Be Computer Savvy

Are you appearing for an online exam for the first time? For some students taking an online exam is somewhat a bewildering experience. Test-takers forget to take this into account, so make sure to start spending more time every day on the computer before the scheduled test date, so you will get used to the cursor or managing the mouse as this is a time-consuming exercise.

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Acquaint yourself with the format of the Online exam

It is very important that youfamiliarize yourself with the structure of the exam. Be aware of the exam framework in advance as very often candidates fail to address time management, and the transition time from one question to another. So, a great emphasis has to be laid on the time and set a deadline for each question rather than getting stuck on one question.

Giving equal time to all sections

Do not get distracted or nervous by the clock ticking by your side. It is wise to utilize your time and maintain a steady pace and devote equal time while attempting the questions of all the sections. For all the competitive exams Byjus offers guidance on all sections from their most experienced faculties along with free tests on all courses using Byjus coupon accessible via website or app.

Take Online Test Series

As you prepare for the exam, take online practice tests and reviewing your mistakes is a great way to build your endurance for test day.Make your selection from thenumber of platforms offering online mock test series for practice with some of them being free & others at a nominal cost. If you are preparing for Bank exams, then check out Unacademy for exclusive Bank exam preparation tips.

Making short notes is a good habit with short tricks

One has to be very thorough with your concepts and have conceptual clarity and then go in for the short tricks. So cover every topic and chapter & make notes to revise easily before the exam. Whether you are preparing for a high school/university exam or any competition Udemy has a plethora of courses to help you master essential skills painlessly.

Not giving importance to Revision

As the exam day approaches, students get anxious and waste their time on doing new topics. Experts suggest that starting a new topic will only make you more agitated. Instead, save the last two days before the exam for backup or revision of topics that you have studied well. The same goes for practicing old test papers as well.

Things To Remember During An Online Exam

Reading the Instructions is vital

Once you finally appear for the online exam, don’t be in a haste to get started. Take a deep breath, be calm and read all the instructions very carefully and take time to fill in all the details. The instructions provided will guide you through the exam and don’t hesitate to ask the invigilator if you have any doubts.

Save every Answer

It is vital to click on save after every attempt. During the online exam, most of the answers are saved automatically, but keeping in mind the technical glitches, it is always better to click after attempting every question.

Technical Problem- Do not Panic

A technical issue is very unpredictable and can come without a warning. So be calm if such a situation arises. Let the invigilator know about your problem. Any amount of time that is lost is usually compensated and the timer starts from where you left off.

Click on Save & submit button

Review the accuracy of your answers, and then hit, submit at the end. This is one issue that is ignored very often due to lack of time. So, it is always advisable to keep at least 10 minutes for reviewing the answers, and lastly.

Most online exams aren’t technically considered complete unless you click on the submit button. So, once you have double-checked your answers, then hit the submit button before the time runs out.

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