15th Finance Commission recommends Rs. 74,341 crores for 14 States

New Delhi: The 15th Finance Commission has recommended granting Rs 11,431 crore as the annual revenue deficit grant for 2020-21 to the state of Himachal Pradesh.

In the Finance Commission report, Himachal will receive the 2nd highest revenue deficit grant in the country after Kerala which will be given Rs 15,323 crore. Neighbouring Punjab State has been recommended Rs. 7,659 crores revenue deficit grant, while Assam recommended for Rs. 7,579 Crores and Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal have been recommended for Rs. 5,897, 5,076 and 5,013 Corers respectively.

The 15th Finance Commission has recommended Rs. 74,341 crores revenue deficit grants for 14 States.  

The 15th Finance Commission recommendation has come as a big relief, considering the grim financial health of the state. Revenue Deficit Grant will ensure the State Government in taking care of its expenses like footing the huge salary and pension bill and for various development schemes.

The Commission has also recommended Rs. 429 crores grant to rural local bodies and Rs. 207 crores grant to urban Local bodies of the state. Under the state disaster risk management fund, Himachal has been allocated Rs. 454 crores, out of which Rs. 409 crores would be the centre’s share and remaining Rs. 45 crores the state would bear.

A Finance Commission delegation led by Chairman NK Singh had visited Himachal in September 2018.