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The ‘mecha’ of mechanics and the ‘tronics’ from electronics have been combined together for referring to a new branch of engineering studies mechatronics that is. The fairly new branch of engineering has already become popular among students interested in pursuing a promising career in areas that involve both the mechanical and electronics side of things. Mechatronics fuses the applications of electronics with the principles of mechanics for creating products, which are more advanced in nature. The automobile industry is utilizing mechatronics for creating vehicles that are more powerful and reliable. Intelligent computer control is also a part of mechatronics. It seamlessly merges the rules of hardware development with software development for launching better products according to the demand of the worldwide market. The prospect of studying mechatronics engineering seems to be bright as it is being used in many industries. For designing mechatronics systems, the engineers have to combine cost effective and highly efficient sensors and digital controllers together. The industry giants are more interested in hiring students who have knowledge of mechanics as well as electronics engineering for performing well within a team. Studying mechatronics helps students in adding an edge to their careers.

The NAT or National Admission Test:

It is very difficult for young students to get admission in the best colleges after passing their 10+2 examination in India. To standardize admission on the basis of merit, the National Admission Test is held every year. Students who have passed their 10+2 examination with physics and math as compulsory subjects are eligible to sit for this test. They also must have either computer or chemistry as one of the subjects in school. Another eligibility criterion is that the students must obtain at least 45% marks in all the mentioned subjects. The University determines if any other qualification is equivalent for permitting students to appear in the exam.

The students can opt for examination centers nearest to their homes or appear in the online exam. The Haryana State Counseling Society will conduct the admission procedure for 75% of the seats through online off-campus centralized counseling based on the results of JEE exam 2015. Each student who applies for the online test will get a specific online test code. They will also receive a unique ID and password around 3 hours before the exam starts. These details will be texted to the provided numbers of the students. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, out of which 50 questions will be on mathematics and the remaining 50 on physics. For each correct answer, the student will get 3 marks and for each wrong answer 1 mark will be deduced. The next NAT exam will be held on 5th June, 2015.

B.Tech Mechatronics engineering course at APIIT:

The APIIT SD India is a among first college of India that started providing a full-fledged course on mechatronics engineering. The B.Tech degree program offered at this renowned college has been planned and organized by the experts of this subject. It is all about the moving parts that drive robots, electronics and machines. In everyday life, we use so many machines, gadgets and objects that have been designed and developed by those who majored in this field of engineering. Mechatronics engineering has combined the science of mechanics and the techniques of electronics together for inventing new machineries and moving parts. The four-year long course not just teaches the rules but also helps students in learning the exact applications through practice. The curriculum consists of topics like process control, instrumentation, robotics and automated manufacturing. APIIT’s brilliant infrastructure enables the students in building a bright career in fields like design, research and development, sales, production management and quality maintenance.

The process of admission in Himachal

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