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Ajay Shamra

The Euler Society, an American group that is dedicated to the examination of the life and work of one of the greatest mathematicians ever lived Leonhard Euler, hailed the work of Ajay Sharma and supporting him to prepare final draft of paper ‘Newton, Euler and F=ma’ which will be published September 2014 in internationally recognized journal from USA.

Professor Robert Bradley, Chairman Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and President of The Euler Society called Ajay Sharma’s work significant and insisted it to continue.

Ajay Sharma, Assistant Director with Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, had claimed that the Newton hadn’t given ‘second law of motion.’ Sharma recently delivered lecture at the Euler Society Conference held at the University of Saint Edwards.

He claiming that it’s unscientific and incorrect that second law of motion is taught as ‘Newton’s second law’ in all 220 countries in the world. In an hour long lecture Sharma mentioned about second law of motion and related facts from the page numbers 1-20 of Newton’s Principia (published in 1687). The three laws of motion are given at pages 19-20. Newton had defined the second law of motion in the Principia in other way, but taught in the school level in different way.

Ajay Sharma also discussed works of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. Euler had given equation F=ma (Newton‘s second law of motion, as taught now all over the world) in 1736,1747,1750,1765 and 1775. It must be noted that Newton had died in 1727. Euler died in 1783. After this scientists credited Euler’s law to Newton and now taught as Newton’s second law. Hence Euler’s law is taught as Newton’s law. It is unscientific and incorrect, Sharma claimed.

How such an unscientific event happened in science?

The reason is that at that time England was superpower and lack of modes of communications. Of course Newton was a scientist of exceptional wisdom. Newton was based at second the oldest university of the world i.e. University of Cambridge, England established in 1229. Whereas Euler worked in Switzerland, Russia and Germany at different times. Euler wrote nearly 900 articles but did not publish them in form of books. Whereas Newton nicely complied all his works and published books from London.

Sharma will attend his next conference in Pakistan. The secretary of conference Professor Muhammad Naeem UL Haq in his letter dated 4th soon official invitation letter is being sent to Sharma. In this conference Sharma will address the limitations of Einstein’s derivation of E=mc2 work is being discussed in the developed country like America and developing countries as well.

‘Euler’s equation’ became ‘Newton’s law’ due to following inconsistent interpretation by scientists of the Principia. There are misinterpretations of the text of the Principia. In the Principia there are two different terms ‘motion’ and ‘quantity of motion’ are different terms but scientists regard them the same. Similarly, the ‘alteration’ and ’rate of change of ‘are two different terms which are regarded as same. Due to these misinterpretation scientists are teaching Euler’s law as Newton’s law. Sharma has pointed out mistakes in books (Beyond Newton and Archimedes, Beyond Einstein and E=mc2), research papers and conferences.

Ajay Sharma is only the scientist who has raised voice and being listened all over the world. Now assistant from Government is required so that work of Indian scientist is accepted. Till date he has been researching on his own expenses.

15 august 2021