Shimla: India’s leading home automation and solutions manufacturer – Anchor by Panasonic, has announced the launch of its new range of CFL’s – ‘RIKI: The power CFL lamp’. With an aim to provide to its consumers, a robust product with energy saving options at an affordable price point, the new range of RIKI CFL lamps is a significant technology breakthrough in the CFL product market.

Catering to the value for money aspect, the new range will provide various advantages like efficient lamp lights, extensive energy saving and superior product quality, thus building on our philosophy of empowering the customers with various value-for-money options.

This new range of CFLs brings together the innovation, engineering and designing marvel of Panasonic and Anchor while offering a variety of features like the new circuit and PBC design added surge resistance thus increasing the product life to approximately seven years.

RIKI spiral CFL has the ability to perform normally even in harsh operating conditions like voltage fluctuations or electricity surges along with normal generator or inverter supplied electricity. The product has the ability to last up to 10,000 burning hours thus removing the uncertainty of functioning when compared to a standard CFL.

The robust electronic components deliver superior lamp performance thus providing a cost-effective, power-saver and efficient solution. It is these features which make the newly launched model unique providing improved quality image and deliver superior performance when compared to other CFL lamps available in the market.