Shimla: Former Director General of Police (DGP) ID Bhandari again open front against the state government and accused it for witch-hunting honest police officers for nothing.

In a press conference, former DGP, who was charge-sheeted in the phone tapping case and bugging of a VIPs room at Chandigarh, accused the state government for misusing Section 312 of the CrPC to benefit influential person.

Bhandari questioned the decision of the government to allow withdrawal of the case against former Congress Minister Singhi Ram and former chairman of the Board of School Education BR Rahi in the fake certificate case. He claimed that the powers under Section 321 of the CrPC could be used by the government only in cases where public interest was involved and in this particular case there was no public interest involved, he claimed.

He also targeted the Vigilance Bureau for failing to trap corrupt government employees. He said it appears that the only task for the Vigilance Bureau was proving allegations contained in the chargesheet.

Bhandari said that the transfer of cops was the prerogative of the Police Establishment Committee (PEC) according to the Police Act, but the government does all the transfer. He claimed that the PEC has been reduced to rubber stamp as it’s just ask to sign in the postings effected by the state government. He claimed that the transfer has been made a tool to harass the honest police officers.

Earlier he had dubbed the present Virbhadra Singh led state government as most corrupt government in the state and accused it for victimizing him on the behest of some corrupt top-government officials against whom he had preceded corruption cases.