Quick to take quip at the Rahul Gandhi rally at Dharamsala, the state BJP has termed it as a big flop.

Party state spokesperson Ganesh Dutt, in his press statement stated that the common man had stayed away from the meeting which clearly showed the disenchantment of the common man with the Congress.

BJP leader said Rahul appeared totally unfamiliar with the issues concerning Himachal and kept harping about the same old RTI, Jan Lokpal and Food Security Act.

Dutt stated that Rahul Gandhi in his address claimed that under the UPA regime, employment had been generated for lakhs, but gave no figures like the NDA which under Vajpayee had provided jobs to 6.25 crore in a span of merely six years,” he remarked.

The BJP leader said Rahul spoke on women’s reservation, but the fact is that despite the BJP supporting the Congress on the issue, the Bill was never passed. He said that Congress has failed on all front and now electorates are turning away from them.