Thursday 21 March 2019
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Govt of India releases 16-cr under Horticulture Mission

Irrigation & Public Health and Horticulture Minister Vidya Stokes revealed that Government of India had released an amount of Rs. 16 crore under Horticulture Mission to Himachal Pradesh. She said that this was the first installment against the approved outlay of Rs. 32 crore for the year 2013-14.

Horticulture Minister said that the funds would soon be provided to the Deputy Directors of Horticulture of all the district, who would release this amount as assistance to the growers under various components of the mission e.g. area expansion under fruits, vegetables and flowers, water harvesting, establishment of vermin-compost units, fruit plant nurseries, purchase of anti-hail nets, power sprayers, power tillers, beekeeping, mushroom spawns and composting units and other approved activities. She said that these components of the Mission had gained popularity amongst the orchardists and helped them in adopting organic farming, protection of their crops from hails alongwith mechanization in horticulture.

She said that the State Government had directed the Horticulture Department to provide 80 percent assistance to the growers on purchase of anti hail nets, erection of green houses and for drip and sprinkle irrigation in their farms.

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