In a shocking incident, idols and jewellery of Lord Takshak Nag of Bhanara village were found stolen. Following the loss, the distressed villagers did not cook food on the same day and spent the whole day outside the temple store where gold and silver was kept.

Takshak Nag is believed to be the ‘god of rain’ and whenever draught hits Kullu valley, all deities and villagers throng to his temple seeking rain. Now, residents are concerned that they may have to bear the deity’s wrath in the form of long spell of draught.

Acting swiftly, Police have laid nakas at all entry points in Kullu and Mandi districts and sniffer dogs have also been pressed into service.

This is not the only incident of theft in temples in Manali. Earlier this year, thieves had stolen idols and cash from Ghatotkach and Siyali Mahadev temples. Dozens of incidents of theft were also reported from temples in Banjar, Kullu and Anni divisions of the district.