The Congress today asked the BJP to clarify its position about the Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi’s stand on women. The Congress said, the BJP must clarify and come out whether it subscribes to Modi’s stand of putting a price on the dignity of women.

Referring to Modi’s obnoxious comment about the Minister of State for Human Resource Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar that she was a “Rs 50 crore girlfriend”, the Congress party maintained that this statement betrayed the misogynist mindset of Modi and the BJP by keeping sheepishly silent about it has only endorsed it.

CLP leader Vidya Stokes said, the BJP owes an explanation and apology to the women of the nation in general and Himachal Pradesh in particular, since the comment was made during a campaign in Himachal Pradesh, for what Modi had said.

Lashing out at the BJP for its self pronounced claims about being the guardians of the Indian culture, the Congress asked the BJP leaders as was this the culture they were trying to preach and propagate where price is put on a woman. The Congress said, the women of the country will never forgive Modi and the BJP for such comment.

“It only betrayed Modi’s medieval mindset about women”, the party remarked while wondering how the BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Smirit Irani, who incidentally happens to be the women wing president of the party belonging to Gujarat and currently campaigning in Himachal Pradesh could remain silent about what Modi said. The Congress said, these women leaders should at least have distanced themselves from Modi’s comment which they did not.

Vidya Stokes, adding insult to the injury of the women, the national spokesperson of the BJP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi instead of apologising to the nation and the women rather defended Modi thus conveying that the BJP also approved of what Modi had said.