21 non-tribal panchayats Kilod, Kuned, Radi, Preena, Baloth, Khundel, Dulara, Gurad, Choori, Mehla, Bandla, Darwin, Bakan, Sunara, Lothal, Brehi, Gehra, Lech, Piyuhra, Chhatrari and Kunr in the Bharmour constituency of Chamba district has intensified their voice for the setting up of sub-tehsil headquarters at Dharwala.

The residents of these panchayats rue the non-availability of various amenities. Apart from the sub-tehsil headquarters at Dharwala, residents are also demanding the opening of health center in all non-tribal panchayats and a transport depot of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation at Bharmour.

Being a tough hilly terrain, most of these panchayats are inaccessible during the winter and rainy season, so they have been seeking the construction of a tunnel from Kugti to Lahaul, which will not only make it all season route, but will reduce the distance by hundreds of kilometers also.