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HPCC president Virbhadra Singh has approached the union government for immediate release of Aman Sharma who is kept in captivity by Somalian Sea Pirates since 26th November 2010. In a letter addressed to S.M. Krishna Union Minister of External Affairs, Virbhadra Singh said that Aman Sharma who hails from Tehsil Jawali, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh was posted as a crew member of MV ALBEDO Ship No. 904116Z of Majestic Enrich Shipping Company of Malaysia. Whereas, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal today again taken up the matter with Union Minister for Shipping, Government of India regarding release of Aman Kumar from Somalian pirates.

This ship was hijacked by the Somalian Sea Pirates on 26th November, 2010 towards 293 miles of west of Maladies in Indians ocean. The 23 crew members of ship were made hostages. These crew members are from different countries including two from India. The Pakistan Government has got their captives released by negotiating with the sea pirates. Talks with other countries Bangladesh, Srilanka and Iran are also in progress. The Government of India has not yet initiated any talks or negotiations with Sea pirates for release of two Indian hostages. One of them Mr. Raju Prashad has been killed by hostages two months ago. The family members of Aman Sharma fear that he will also be killed in case timely talks or negotiations are not initiated by the Government of India with the Sea pirates.

15 august 2021