Shimla: Ensuring proper check on spending of candidates, Election Commission has directed banks and postal department to present daily report on Unusual and Suspicious cash withdrawal or deposits of cash exceeding 1 lakh by any individual during the process of election.

In a meeting of bankers and Officers of postal department today in the Election Office on election expenditure monitoring, presided by Joint Chief Electoral Officer Vikas Sood, asked to give daily report on Unusual and Suspicious RTGS transfers cash exceeding Rs. 1 Lakh, any deposit or withdrawal of cash exceeding Rs. 1 Lakh from Bank account by candidate or his dependents, any deposit or withdrawal of cash exceeding Rs. 1 lakh in the Bank account of Political Party and any other suspicious cash transaction which might be used for bribing the electors must be provided to concerned District Election Officers in the State.

Suspicious transactions above Rs. 10 lakhs should also be reported to District Election Officer (DC) for monitoring. Bank shall ensure that the cash vans of outsourced companies shall carry documents issued by the bank giving details of cash and shall not carry cash of any third party individuals except the bank. The Personnel of the outsourced agencies accompanying cash van shall carry ID card issued by the respective agency, EC told banks.

As per provision, candidate will have to open separate Bank account exclusively for election expenditure at least one day before the date on which candidate files nomination papers. Account can be opened in candidates name or in joint name with his election agent.

Candidate will also have to make payment exceeding Rs. 20,000 through crossed account payee cheques.

In another meeting of political parties of the State, convened by Chief Electoral Officer Pushpendra Rajput regarding monitoring of expenditure on election, informed parties that total expenditure will not exceed maximum limit of Rs. 28 lakh per Assembly Constituency. This expenditure includes public meetings and rallies, posters, banners vehicles and advertisements in print and electronic media.

Contesting candidate or his representative will have to submit an expenditure plan with application for permission in respect of public meetings and rallies etc.

The Chief Electoral Officer also said if candidate or his agent shares dais with star campaigner or name of the candidate mentioned by star campaigner or photographs of candidate are displayed at the site of public rally then entire expenditure in public rally except travel expenses of star campaigner shall be included in candidate’s account.

Pushpendra Rajput also said that each political party would have to maintain register of election expenditure. The candidates would submit these registers to expenditure Observer for inspection at least three times during campaign period.