Politicians seem to be taking social networking seriously. Most State politicians have accounts on Facebook or Twitter and do not forget to update them with every single activity. Union Minister and five times State Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh updated his every arrival of state. Likewise State Congress chief Kaul Singh also shares his political emotions and activities on it. BJP MLA from Manali Gobind Singh Thakur goes beyond other politicians as he is using his Facebook account more and less as an appointment roster where he detailed out his whole day activities. BJP Hamirpur MP, Anurag Thakur is also active on Facebook and Twitter and regularly posted his political emotions. But today he uses it to appreciate his online friends where he has thanked all friends for their comments and suggestions. He added:

“Interacting with you every day both through Facebook and Twitter acts as a source of encouragement for me to make your voices heard and bring about change in our society. My day begins by reading your comments/posts, unfortunately I cannot respond to everyone due to time and work constraints. I hope to continue receiving your support so that together we can resolve problems and overcome challenges. My contact details are given in the “About” section for those who wish to bring urgent issues to my attention.”

Social networking sites are swiftly becoming major and effective interacting tools with their voters, where they can get information about the region and their followers also can express themselves freely.