Garbage is scattered at IGMC Shimla

This is a scene of IGMC Shimla. Some e-waste, useless furniture, papers and wrappers of medicines are scattered at 2nd floor of the Hospital building. Govt., is boosting for its clean Himachal image, but its biggest hospital is ignoring even basic need of hospital.

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One thought on “Garbage is scattered at IGMC Shimla

  1. priyanka

    i totally commend this piece of information. However, its incomplete, taking into consideration, it has not been mentiioned, why this waste was there? was it the negligence or was it due to some construction or cleaning or it was combination of all. i am sorry, but it is bit irresponsible also to post incomplete information, as it can create impressions on impressionable minds also and crete negative image and that is not what a news site does, its responsible enough to give information of both the sides. like everythng it has a bad side too, though not completely.

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