Bahra University

The Director of Health Services Vinod Pathak said that in view of the increasing number of Scrub Typhus cases being reported from different parts of the State, fresh instructions with regard to availability of Doxy-cycline in all health institutions up till PHC level, testing facilities at the District level and adopting appropriate IEC and preventives measures have been issued. Scrub Typhus is a Rickettsial disease caused by tsutsugamushi. The presenting symptoms are High grade fever, Rash and Escher at the site of bite of mite. Preventive measures are wearing full sleeves clothing and use of gum boots especially when one is going to forest and fields. Any person who develops High grade fever should report immediately to the nearest health institution.

He said that in total 2444 patients were tested for Scrub Typhus across the State using Weil Felix test since January, 2011. Of these samples 348 were found to be positive. Weil Felix is a suggestive test only. However using Elisa test which is confirmatory, at IGMC Shimla 726 samples were tested and 309 were found to be positive for Scrub Typhus. The confirmed deaths are 12. Department of Health and Family Welfare is monitoring the situation.

15 august 2021