A 22-year-old youth from Bilaspur district met a devastating end while attempting an unauthorised visit to the revered Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra. Rahul from the village of Kothi in Tehsil Ghumarwin tragically lost his life after a treacherous slip on the glacier, leading to a fatal fall of 400 meters.

The incident unfolded merely two kilometers beyond Parvatibagh, leaving Rahul severely injured and requiring immediate assistance. Thanks to the swift response of local residents, he was rushed to Parvati Bagh, where resourceful Nepali laborers provided crucial aid in transferring him to Kunsha. However, despite the valiant efforts, the young adventurer succumbed to his injuries before reaching Kunsha. The police have taken possession of Rahul’s body and subsequently arranged for a postmortem examination at Nirmand Hospital.

Expressing his condolences, SDM Nirmand Manmohan Singh confirmed the distressing incident and took the opportunity to caution all prospective yatris. He emphasized that the official Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra, duly authorized and supervised, is set to commence administratively on July 7 and will run until July 20 this year. Singh appealed to devotees to adhere strictly to the government and Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra Trust’s designated dates, emphasizing that no pilgrimage is worth risking one’s life.

Adding a poignant twist to the narrative, it was discovered that the victim, Rahul, operated an agency named Ujjwal Tour and Travel in Ghumarwin. This revelation underscores the irony of his ill-fated decision to embark on an unauthorized expedition.