The Keylong Panchayat in the tribal Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh has taken a step towards curbing wasteful expenditure by passing a resolution to ban beer in weddings and festivals. According to the Panchayat head Sonam Zangpo, the decision was made during a gram sabha meeting held on Sunday. This move comes amidst growing concerns about the impact of extravagant weddings and festivals on local communities and the environment.

Apart from banning beer, the Panchayat also discussed measures to limit the mixing of “outside cultures” in weddings and other celebrations. The decision was supported by Zila Parishad member Kunga Bodh, who stressed the importance of preserving the culture and traditions of the region. He also noted that young people are concerned about the loss of cultural values in the name of modernization.

The Keylong Panchayat’s decision follows a similar move by the Sumara Panchayat in Hangrang Valley in Kinnaur district, which passed a resolution to stick to tribal rituals during weddings and discourage “Bollywood-type marriages” with lavish displays of wealth. The Kinnauri culture, with its rich heritage and unique traditions, is known for its distinctive architecture, handicrafts, and cuisine.

By banning beer and promoting traditional rituals, the Panchayats in Himachal Pradesh are sending a message about the need to strike a balance between modernization and cultural preservation. They are also taking steps to address other issues such as sanitation, traffic management, and tourism promotion. Ultimately, these measures are aimed at ensuring that local communities can thrive and flourish in a rapidly changing world.

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